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Marketing and communication focus

Yixing Design provides strategic consultancy to build your international marketing plan.

Pleiadi International owns 100% of Yixing Design, an advertising agency opened in Shanghai in 2007, a Chinese based WoFe company, born from Simona Aguzzoni’s passion.
In Shanghai we deal with communication projects, ADV, events, videos, photo shoots, web and web marketing. We know the market, WeChat and all the other Chinese social media networks, trends and requests of the target. Write to us.


The brand is the starting point, the groundwork sustaining the corporate identity. It allows the company and its products to be recognized as reliable. This is why it requires special care and a deep analysis of the company’s values and goals as well as the market context. Once the core message has been determined and the desired tone of voice established, we proceed to create the brand name, the visual image to be declined in all the institutional and promotional materials, the payoff.

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The website is essential to establish a company on the market, for it contributes to brand awareness and reputation. When looking at the Chinese market, an extra attention must be payed, for it’s not enough to translate your Western website into Chinese. The Chinese digital world is an entirely parallel universe, with its own optimization, servers and licence. It could seems difficult, but we can.

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Web & Social Marketing

The social networks are crucial to business, but to make the most out of their potential can be energy-consuming and require some specific skill to be effective. This is why you should defining a precise route that allows tracking of all useful content to publish on social networks and create an editorial calendar accordingly, to create posts that attract followers.

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Events off and on line

Events are unmissable occasions to keep in contact with clients and prospects and they are worth organizing with acknowledgement of their potential. But it’s not easy to be seen and recognized among many participants and competitors. Innovative, smart formats of events can be very useful to solve this problem. Yixing Design can guide you in preparing for national and international fairs, from designing the booth to preparing the side materials, taking into account what message you want to convey and what are your goals.

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