East seen from the west

How  5G is reshaping urban life

Before 5G, ports connected through optical fibre or Wifi, whose costs for construction and operations are high, while the stability is relatively low. The innovation brought by the 5G allowed better services, in those areas which couldn’t even connect, enhancing the internet stability in crucial areas such as the port and allowed a reduction in both construction and operating costs as well. Moreover, it’s changing the infrastructure sector, often alleviating the workload and enhancing the work efficiency at the same time.

Modern life problems are finding solutions thanks to digitalization. Among them, mobility is the most positively affected sector. In Shenzhen, for example, 5G is helping to shape the smart city, thanks to the internet of things’ function in managing the city’s traffic lights system according to traffic flow; in this way, the best use of time and volume reduce traffic jams. But 5G can also be an amazing tool for tech companies to connect with local and national governments, who, in turn, can be more easily and quickly responsive to the citizens’ problems and more efficient in their action. Companies in fact can work together with local governments and institutions to make urban life better through digital tools and solutions.

As professionals in the digital services sector, we constantly keep updated about the new solutions available and we work together with our clients to make the most of the opportunities the digital provides for their business and the community as well. And you, are you ready to turn digital and do your part?