East seen from the West

Of course, a deep knowledge of the local ratio and culture is essential, and they must be applied to the best tools working in China. The digital world is the right choice: the epidemic has shown once more the essential importance of a coherent and consistent online presence for companies in China, which need to take into consideration different aspects of the communication, from the graphic appeal to the most interesting content for local customers. From the social media (WeChat and Weibo) to the Chinese website, there are different possibilities – any of which with its peculiarities – to be considered, according to the company’s target and budget.

The website is a formal company’s presentation, like a business card, and is especially useful for the B2B companies, but not only; the B2C can also rely on the ubiquitous social media. But when opening a website for the Chinese market some obstacles must be faced, from the registration and the ICP number to the best graphic design for Chinese eyes: for these reasons to rely on experts of the local reality and digital world is essential to success in the operation.

Thanks to our experience in China (since 2007) and our local team of experts, we can assist companies when doing this big step, supporting them in any stage of the process, from the first bureaucratic paperwork to the web marketing actions to promote the website on the Chinese search engines. We did this successfully with our client CLC Compagnia Lattiero Casearia, an Italian dairy products producer working in the F&B sector with B2B customers. We’re happy to have launched the new CLC Chinese website online in June and we’re sure this action will help the company to achieve its goals.