East seen from the west

The year of the Ox brings good opportunities

The year of the ox is expected to be intense and promising for international companies: in 2021 the preliminary agreement on investments between EU and China, signed last December, will be implemented, removing barriers to foreign investments for EU cloud computing services, financial services and healthcare, among the others. The first edition of the China-Italy Business Dialogue held in December in Beijing confirmed the positive trend of the businesses between China and Europe. Such good perspectives must be cultivated throughout promotion: the rich season of events offers the opportunity to do so.

In late June, for example, Chengdu will host the 4th International Conference on Mechanical Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering (MMIE 2021), an opportunity to dive into the future areas of growth. Later on, in November, Automechanika Shanghai, Asia’s leading automotive trade fair, will also launch AMS Live, an integrated platform that looks beyond the geographical boundaries of onsite and online participation. It seems quite early, right? That’s great: now it is the moment to plan your participation in such demanded fairs.

A properly planned strategy needs support from experts, especially if the event takes place in a hybrid form that’s new to your company. Thanks to years of experience and a never ending updating, we got the know-how in every aspect of an event. As our all-round project for the metal powder industry leader Pometon shows, in fact, there are many aspects to take care of. From booth design to media coverage, to relevant corporate materials, we’re expert in the communication activities linked to the participation in fairs and exhibitions.