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Shein breaks the bank in Milan

The photos of the kilometers-long rows in front of Shein pop-up store in Milan, in very a central location. A multiple-hour queue for a unique occasion of shopping: this is the effect of a huge fortune, built on a great communication strategy.

Here are some ingredients:

  • Low prices

Definitely, the super-low prices are one essential ingredient for the success, especially among young consumers. It’s not enough, though, as proved by the suffering of many other low-price chains.

  • Fast delivery and returns

An attention to the shopping experience and steps of the purchase and return: an effective way to loyalize the customers.

  • Cooperation with KOLs

Save up on physical stores and invest in payed collaborations with KOLs and online influencers, instead. Make sure to chose those among the favourites of young users, to ensure the brand awareness on social media

  • inclusivity

Shein was the first fast-fashion brand to include a wide range of sizing and fit and showing different bodies and skin colours among their models, therefore being awarded with the fidelization of GenZ consumers.

  • The pop up store

After building the brand awareness, that ensures a wide public for your products, one occasion event – unique both for its will make buyers go insane. That’s exactly what Shein gained in Milan!

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Is your brand inclusive?

In 2022, brands need to focus on their commitment to corporate social responsibility by listening and acting on the social issues that matter most to their audiences. Recent trend analyses prove that they prefer brands that foster connections with their audience and bring together people with differing opinions.

In order for this commitment to be consistent and true, not only mere, superficial words,  the values must be shared inside the company, starting from the management and the employees.

One example? Mindchangers-Regions and Youth for Planet and People, a European awareness-raising project on the topics of migration and climate change. After creating Mindchangers’ visual identity, our Italian headquarter Pleiadi International developed the website and social media for the project and is now engaging in the launch of the official campaign. The whole communication is based on inclusivity and social justice and the brand identity must reflect the values of the project’s contents.

Such values of inclusivity are highly sensitive topics in China as well, especially among the powerful local Gen Z consumers. An effective example is offered by the Chinese underwear brand Neiwai, well known for its stress put on inclusivity and anti-discrimination.

The company recently launched a marketing campaign titled No body is nobody which successfully matches young buyers’ high expectations, raising the bar for future campaigns.

Coherence is the key in such cases, as the market demands transparency. For this reason, a growing number of companies are now transitioning to Benefit Corporations. 

This transition and the related social responsibility are topics of discussion on our interactive platform Young Campus: stay tuned to learn more!

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Drones: technology as an opportunity in challenging times

After the explosion of e-commerce during the first stages of the pandemic, thus increasing, even more, the live-streaming trend on Chinese social media, the zero-Covid policy presented new challenges later.

Aerial delivery drones, instead, seem to offer an exit strategy for the need for supply; this way, moreover, consumer goods can still keep companies alive and allow people to receive the things they need. Even though flying drones didn’t take much hold for now, they clearly demonstrate how much technology can offer a valid solution in challenging times.

Further research and investments in the field can prove a winning business in upcoming months and years, from the daily delivery of fresh food and medical goods to security surveillance of big plants and factories, to who knows what else.

Technology is a tool that can hold wonderful surprises and we bet that the accelerated research in the field made during the pandemic will result in positive outcomes for all. What will be the technology of the future?

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Western brands can still succeed…if they know how to do

Health and wellbeing are hot topics all over the world – driven by the pandemic, the climate crisis and general awareness of the balance of body and mind – and China is not an exception.

This general feeling doesn’t only engage the market of health products like medicines and supplements, but permeates all purchases, from food to sports to cosmetics. Health and wellbeing-related trends must, therefore, be studied by marketing specialists from all industries and taken into consideration when planning the communication strategy to succeed in China.

For example, it must be taken into consideration that, when it’s a matter of wellbeing, being Chinese is not a guarantee of leadership in the market for a brand, if the focus is too narrow on a single topic, weight loss for instance.

It’s much more effective to address a lifestyle-oriented, more holistic perspective: brands of supplements, for example, would benefit from using the Chinese surging rejection of the competing pressure of the work culture. Western brands are warned! 

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Being attractive for young people while networking? It’s possible, we can prove it

On May 26th we will be busy with the first event of our communication movement Forum Young System, this year through a new format: Campus.

Entrepreneurs, startuppers and researchers will have a peer to peer dialogue together with 19-29-year-olds on the highly crucial topic of internationalization. In the context we’re living, made of extreme globalization that faces the limits imposed by economics, war and pandemics, how important is it for youth to include experiences abroad in their path?

How to make it possible despite the obstacles? And, even more important, to what companies, entities and associations to turn to? These are only brief insights into the main questions that we will discuss at Young Campus Internationalization.

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Gen Z drives consumption. Do you know how to attract them?

Chinese young Millennials and Zed Gens are the first generations accustomed to the growing economy they were born in, in contrast with the older citizens, that grew up in a much different context, both economically and politically speaking.

This, together with their skills in spotting convenience and sale occasions and their taste for refined looks and accessories, make them the very target of clothes, tech tools, cosmetics and many more consuming brands. This is particularly true when considering the luxury market, whose purchases are made for the large majority (79%) by people under 40. It is clear, now, why brands are focusing on Gen Z and young Millennials, considering that by 2025 China will account for half of all globalluxury spending.

The young consumers’ habits must be considered as well, from the decision making – influenced by KOLs and by the check on online opinion exchanges – to the purchase modality, which in the case of Zed Gens is mainly e-commerce. More precisely, mobile is essential to do some research about the brand and its products, check on the other consumers’ opinions and reviews and do comparisons; the final purchase is done in the physical store because the experience is irreplaceable.

The consumer experience, blending the on and offline modalities, is therefore essential to attract youth to invest in the “new retail”. Also, another critical aspect is the constant update needed about the hottest app among youth: for example, did you know that the Dewu app 毒, a competitor of RED, is particularly popular among young males?

What about your brand: is it attractive to young consumers?

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How to succeed on Chinese social media?

Being in China since 2007, side by side with our trusted social media experts, our knowledge of the peculiarities of Chinese social media, essential means of communication for any company wishing to expand in the local market.

We are grateful for being able to work in different fields, with exciting projects developed with our clients. Thanks to them, we had the chance to dive into different industries and to develop a deep knowledge and expertise through the years.

With Mirage, we brought Italian design and tiles tradition to the Far East, adjusting them to what the most demanding customer expects. With Poupy, we explored motherhood and childhood care products, while with Rimini Turismo we supported Chinese tourism in Italy.

Scan the QR code to our WeChat account down below to learn more about our projects!

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KOLs? No thanks, it’s time for KOCs.

Given that KOLs are Key Opinion Leaders, more down-to-earth and increasingly trusted opinions are those of KOCs, that is Key Opinion Consumers. No more influencers, but “normal” buyers and consumers who review and comment on the products they own or purchase, in videos and social media posts.

Checking the brand reputation and reviews of the products online is really common for anyone making decisions before purchase. This means that more trustworthy opinions than those of properly called KOLs are needed. And this is how KOCs come in:  their bits of advice and recommendations are perceived (and actually, they often are) more reliable, being just experts in their field and giving their honest opinion after testing a product in the first person.

The core of this trend is, in fact, a form of relationship-based marketing that has trust and contact (direct or just perceived) as its very heart. Focusing on your target segment, knowing their values and tastes, establishing a relationship with them: key activities in which KOCs can give a great contribution.

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From WeBeans to the Mini-Programs, what are WeChat latest implementation you should leverage?

Having celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year, Tencent’s most successful app is still the best choice when approaching the Chinese digital environment for the first time. Today, even more, thanks to the launch, in 2021, of different implementations WeChat surpassed 400 million average daily active users.

  • First of all, Mini-Programs. Such in-apps supported many businesses in their digitalization, a lifesaving tool during and after the pandemic. And they keep on strengthening the business networks. One example? Pavillion Italia, the WeChat mini-program launched by the Italian ICE agency together with Tencent to give Italian companies in China new opportunities and visibility.


  • WeBeans, the new in-app currency that can be used to purchase digital goods during WeChat live-stream sessions. It’s the result of a huge surge of live-streaming, an opportunity launched on WeChat last year: now, thanks to WeBeans interactions during live-streaming are easier, a good opportunity for companies, too.


  • A Mini-Program B2B store assistant helps brands and distributors, providing a tool that improves the operational efficiency of the company’s distribution system; it also helps brands and distributors to find the best stores based on their effectiveness.

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We are on WeChat!

Our long, well-established experience in China leads us to recommend WeChat to our clients approaching the local digital landscape for the first time. Our first-hand experience confirms such advice. Our followers appreciate a well-constructed Official Account where users have direct access to all the useful information about our work, an appealing and recognizable visual identity, a Contacts section to easily reach out…

Quality contents, appealing graphics and perseverance are the main ingredients of our presence on WeChat, the first things we recommend to our clients, too. As well as regular posts to spread updates about our activities and news about the marketing&communication environment in China.

Following us, you’ll get to know Yixing’s history and team, news about our fields of work, successful case histories and tangible examples of our expertise; you’ll have insights into our everyday job and understand which supports we may offer to your company.

Scan the QR code here below to visit our WeChat account!

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