SBIT is one of the largest private travel agency in China

SBIT is one of the largest private travel agency in China. Through years, the company has been steadily growing, integrating different companies without really building-up a common ground between the different entities. Yet, the whole travel industry market dynamic, especially the MICE B-to-B sector is changing with the new regulations. To take-up the challenges of the future, SBIT has decided to transform itself, inject a common culture, and stimulate a new organizational dynamic.

SPI | Yixing has been entrusted to build-up one common Brand platform, one consistent Brand architecture covering B-to-B and B-to-C sector, one common Brand Identity. An exhaustive Brand Manual has been realized to support all the business practices and needs from the 4 different business divisions, including collaterals, ppt, brochure, website, newslettersÖ to name a few. Beyond helping to define this new framework, SPI | Yixing is supporting in creating a new organizational dynamics though internal events organization (team building day and management workshops).

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