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China, the promised land of European wines

The shock for Australian wines arrived after years of double-digit growth, but at the same time it opened up new interesting opportunities for other winemakers, including European ones. Those have been suffering the Australian strength of a shorter trip. They now have to make the most of the contingency, by carefully planning their strategy based on the latest trends (see more on this topic in the next news down below!), to benefit from a growing market. There’s huge potential for Italian and Spanish wines, which in the last years have been suffering the great marketing ability of such a big competitor as France. But any wine that’s different from the norm and that has interesting characteristics can work very well on the Chinese market.

The education of consumers can be a key element to sell wine successfully in a country where wine is not a traditional product, which can also involve offline interactions, like visits to wineries, a fruitful occasion for cooperations with the tourist sector.

And this is when the communication strategy comes in…