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From WeBeans to the Mini-Programs, what are WeChat latest implementation you should leverage?

Having celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year, Tencent’s most successful app is still the best choice when approaching the Chinese digital environment for the first time. Today, even more, thanks to the launch, in 2021, of different implementations WeChat surpassed 400 million average daily active users.

  • First of all, Mini-Programs. Such in-apps supported many businesses in their digitalization, a lifesaving tool during and after the pandemic. And they keep on strengthening the business networks. One example? Pavillion Italia, the WeChat mini-program launched by the Italian ICE agency together with Tencent to give Italian companies in China new opportunities and visibility.


  • WeBeans, the new in-app currency that can be used to purchase digital goods during WeChat live-stream sessions. It’s the result of a huge surge of live-streaming, an opportunity launched on WeChat last year: now, thanks to WeBeans interactions during live-streaming are easier, a good opportunity for companies, too.


  • A Mini-Program B2B store assistant helps brands and distributors, providing a tool that improves the operational efficiency of the company’s distribution system; it also helps brands and distributors to find the best stores based on their effectiveness.