West seen from the east

Is your company making the most of what remains of Western appeal in China? 

According to our experience in China, it is a common mistake among Italian companies to think that their widely appreciated products will be automatically purchased by Chinese consumers. Different consuming habits, tastes and trends, as well as a still not-so-well-established and widespread knowledge of some Western products, make it tricky to set the right communication strategy, respectful and efficient at once.

Neither the appreciation for a brand nor the knowledge of its products are to be taken for granted. So, what can your company do to be awarded good sales? The best is to go for a balance between the highlight on your origins and a good localization, but in some cases – depending on the context and competitors – it can even be better to focus totally on the local culture. Just as the American fast-food chain KFC, that “forgot” its origins to engage in a campaign entirely based on Chinese looks and feels in partnership with the online game Jiangnan Scenery.

How to find such a delicate equilibrium? As experts in communication, it’s our job to localize brands and products to win the Chinese market, building a strategy that takes advantage of the Italian charm, while being respectful and proving to have roots in China. Sounds complicated? That’s why we are here!