West seen from the east

A creative branding strategy is good for your business and for the environment

The environmental crisis is a global problem and companies can’t ignore it. Communication is our arm to act: we found an amazing example from Warsaw, in Poland, where the local artists Dawid Ryski and Maciek Polak created a piece of public art using a special paint that absorbs pollution. It represents smiling plants and flowers, combining a visually pleasant effect with a functional aspect. The work of art is part of a mural series sponsored by the American shoe manufacturer Converse called City Forests made with the special KNOxOUT paint. The anti-pollution function of the series around the world is real and estimated to have the same air cleaning capacity as 1.470 trees so far.

Technology, art and environmentalism are the ingredients making the Converse’s project a win-win promotion strategy. The project represents a new concept of billboards, useful for the community, as well as profitable for the brand sponsoring them, and is beautiful at the same time. This is also a brilliant communication strategy now that eco-activism leads consumers’ choices towards one company or another. This is true for China as well, where the government has been launching 57 programs to reduce high-risk pollutants, organized 99 pilot companies to carry out green design, published a product list that includes 119 products that involve green manufacturing, and incentivized 51 national low-carbon industrial parks.

This is just one example of how a promotion strategy can engage in the environment while benefitting your business. As professionals in creativity, we are always eager to create something beautiful and innovative; but as much as we believe in the power of a unique branding strategy, we also believe in its ability to do some good for the community. These are ingredients of our work: through them, we find the best ways to covey companies’ identity and values. And thanks to our expertise, we can support you in making your voice heard, from the market analysis, positioning and targeting to planning the communication and identity development strategy.