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Italian luxury, the best way to celebrate a Chinese Christmas

A self-respecting Christmas is sparkling and bright. And so, the shopping of the moment involves luxury, from beauty to perfumes, from clocks to jewellery. Their sales grow in December as, even though not on a cultural nor religious level, Christmas is gaining popularity among Chinese buyers. Big brands know it: Bulgari is working very well in China and thus being rewarded with good sales of its iconic jewels and clocks, while Fendi recently launched its new “baguette dance” bag with a charming campaign on Chinese social media.

But it’s good news for niche companies, too, as the time spent online in 2020 lead consumers to know smaller luxury brands, too. Some of them relied on the Pavillion Italia project, launched by Digital Retex and ICE (the Italian national institute for the trade abroad) that launched 300 small Italian brands in China using WeChat, proving that high quality and Made in Italy are recognized. So, if due to your company’s size and budget, you can only invest in a few marketing actions, try these two:

  1. launch campaigns limited in time: promotions, festive sales and giveaways are more effective if they have an expiry date, marked by a countdown to the end of the campaign
  2. invest in a targeted advertising campaign, making the most in terms of targeting a specific segment of your public (for age, location, job…) to optimize your investment.

When you can’t rely on vast brand awareness but still want to maximise the golden moment of the luxury sector, your marketing strategy must be even more careful and well-planned. There’s a lot to be considered when working between two countries, using two different universes of digital tools. But it’s easy if you can rely on our well-established expertise in China, having been working with clients from the luxury field for years. With you, we can evaluate the best strategy for your goals and your segment of the market.