Compagnia Lattiero Casearia

Milk-based products from Italy to China.

Compagnia Lattiero Casearia is a well-established Italian company in the dairy supply sector. It manufactures and delivers high-quality milk-based products, essential for the F&B industry, from bakery to ice-cream producers.


To communicate in the right way to its Chinese potential clients, CLC needed to rethink its online communication strategy.

In fact, it’s not enough to translate contents: a dedicated approach is needed, which considers local peculiarities in terms of culture, visual habits and markets demand.

For this reason, CLC relied on Yixing Design Pleiadi International to design and enhance its Chinese website, knowing our expertise in this sector and our deep knowledge of the local market.

First of all we identified the strengths and weaknesses of CLC online presence’s and we designed and developed the new website on that basis; we built its style taking Chinese preferences into account, and highlighting the products which meet the most Chinese market’s demand for high-quality frozen products which maintain their taste and characteristics even after a long journey.


A local taste-oriented graphics and functionality are the new website’s characteristics, that we managed developing thanks to our mixed Chinese-Italian team to communicate CLC’s professionalism and experience and its raw materials’ high quality.