KOLs? No thanks, it’s time for KOCs.

Given that KOLs are Key Opinion Leaders, more down-to-earth and increasingly trusted opinions are those of KOCs, that is Key Opinion Consumers. No more influencers, but “normal” buyers and consumers who review and comment on the products they own or purchase, in videos and social media posts.

Checking the brand reputation and reviews of the products online is really common for anyone making decisions before purchase. This means that more trustworthy opinions than those of properly called KOLs are needed. And this is how KOCs come in:  their bits of advice and recommendations are perceived (and actually, they often are) more reliable, being just experts in their field and giving their honest opinion after testing a product in the first person.

The core of this trend is, in fact, a form of relationship-based marketing that has trust and contact (direct or just perceived) as its very heart. Focusing on your target segment, knowing their values and tastes, establishing a relationship with them: key activities in which KOCs can give a great contribution.