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brief-back > competitor overview > mind mapping > analisys direction > value drivers localisation > potential territories of expression > positioning finalization > naming > short list pre-check > fine tunning > legal process supporting > …

Trade and POSM


Lotus Bakery is a very famous brand all over the world, thanks in particular to that tasty biscuit we all know. Yixing Design Pleiadi International accompanies the brand in its mkg strategy in China by studying image and communication solutions to propose the taste of biscuits together with coffee, creating a close link and an …

Video and photoshooting


As part of a brand strategy project, the image is findamental. Poupy, producer of products for mothers and early childhood, has entrusted Yixing Design Pleiadi the study and production of promotional photos and videos for its flagship products. An exceptional documentation, from which ADV campaigns will be developed for printed and social media.

Events, Fair and PR

Italian President Matteo Renzi in Shanghai

Yixing designed and coordinated the official visit of the Italian President Matteo Renzi to China, which took place at the Italian Shanghai Center in June 2014. During this institutional event, which allowed the President Matteo Renzi to meet up with the Italian Business Community in Shanghai and establish a strong connection with the whole “Italian System” …



SBIT is one of the largest private travel agency in China