Latest case histories

advertising project

Arda Franchise ADV

In the Summer 2012, Yixing has once again worked with Arda, Chinese producer of Kitchen appliances, on a sophisticated ADV project featuring a unique futuristic theme, aiming to support Arda in a communication strategy to catch the attention of potential franchisors in China.

video & photo production project

De Farro Photo Shooting

A photo shooting project requested by De Farro, a new emerging Chinese fashion brand for B2C, has asked Yixing collaboration both for Art direction and technical production of a photo shooting for the Spring/Summer collection 2013.

branding project

ECL Excilon

Reliable, passionate, eco-friendly and hi-tech: this is the new soul of ECL Excilon, domestic leader in the production of ceramic coatings particularly for cookware applications. Yixing helped ECL to express its new image through a complete visual restyling with a new Visual Identity.