Brand Amplifon

Confirms its preference for Pleiadi International | Yixing for the development of its brand in China

Pleiadi Yixing studied and developed the localization of the Amplifon brand for China. The study was carried out through three main analyses:

  • identity > detailed analysis of brand value and strategic positioning in the dedicated project
  • meaning > semantic survey of the brand for the correct Chinese interpretation
  • phonetics > refining the investigation into a solution capable to reflect, even as sound, the international brand

The final choice was approved by the Headquarter and, in December, the process of development of the institutional identity began, declined for the China market.

Question: decline the identity of the Chinese brand in the main institutional materials
Answer: logo Identity. Brand manual – typography, palette, toolbox, literature system, template.
ADV & Visual style – creativity, photography guideline, rules.


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