In year 2007, Yixing was the first Italian advertising agency to establish a branch in Shanghai. Yixing is the twin sister company of Studio Pleiadi International, a communication agency with over 18 years of experience in the development of multimedia communication solutions for international clients.

Indeed Yixing has been created with the ambition of extending the positive experience of Studio Pleiadi to an emerging market such as China. In the last years thus, Yixing has become a highly integrated communication agency, able to offer different multimedia solutions well-tailored to each client, with a versatile and holistic approach. In particular, our services for the Chinese market are specialized in the fields of branding, advertising and communication, PR, media planning and media buying, web and multimedia communication, video production and the creative organization of events or exhibitions.

The strength of Yixing is its ability to provide solutions that join together the excellence of the ìMade in Italy design and creativity with a deep knowledge and understanding of the demands and dynamics of Chinese culture, resulting in a communication approach with an European look & feel which is perfectly compliant to the Chinese market.

With such services we are able to support our clients in the delicate approach and development on this complex market with communication strategies absolutely integrated and relevant. This in order allows the client to meet the challenges of making business in China according to the right channels and the best contents. The excellent performances obtained by our company have also allowed us to cooperate and serve prestigious Chinese clients and newly emerging brands of China. This has enhanced our professional expertise with valuable field experience, developed side by side with local and international partners.