China Market

Chinese companies applied successful strategies first to deal with the emergency and now to return to normality. Their behaviour is a source of inspiration for anyone seeking ways to guarantee workers and clients’ safety as well as not to stop:

1. Meituan, the popular home delivery app, continued operating during the lockdown, but now its office workers are gradually coming back to work in its Beijing headquarters, as well. Employees enter in staggered shifts, their temperature is checked by infrared cameras and the workspaces are decontaminated regularly. A safe distance is maintained in elevators and face-to-face meetings are discouraged, while in the cafeteria people eat using a “face shield” to minimize risk when a face mask is removed.

2. Huazhu, which lead 6,000 hotels in China, during the epidemics set up a crisis task force to review procedures daily and issued top-down guidance for the whole chain. It also leveraged its internal information platform, the app Huatong, to make sure employees and franchisees were armed with timely information.

3. The cosmetics company Lin Qingxuan closed 40% of its stores during the crisis, but it redeployed more than 100 beauty advisors from the stores to become online influencers using digital tools and social media to engage customers and drive online sales. Thus the company achieved a 200% growth in Wuhan compared to last year’s sales: it’s a benefit whose effects will continue long.

Digital tools, technology and online communication are the essential ingredients to be used right now, especially for companies wishing to enter the Chinese market, that is now restarting stronger. That’s why we support companies wishing to expand in China, by helping them in planning their online communication strategy to enhance their Brand awareness, the first step to successfully establish in the Far East. The market is ready: make sure you don’t miss the occasion.