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A new beginning for youth

Loads of companies declare their love for youth, but when it comes to doing something real for them, things change quite a bit. Nonetheless, young people can bring new energies, new skills and a radically new perspective that are often vital for companies. Moreover, society itself needs them to be working. That’s why we deeply believe in them and in their right to be welcomed in adult society. So, what can be done?

Think about an event involving both recognized GMs, young professionals and students. Think about putting them in contact, to make them confront each other, tell each other their needs and expectations. Allow youth to show and demonstrate their potentialities and skills. We did it, through a brand new format of event all-year-round in Italy; it’s focused on the regional territory, with its story of manufactures, artisans and industry; different occasions distributed along the year in a digital edition will lead to a big final event (hopefully live) in November. We called it Forum Young_The changing economy.

The success it had last year convinced us to replicate and innovate it in 2020 with a slightly new format to adapt it to the situation. It demonstrated Forum Young’s flexibility to adapt to any context and need. Because youth need support everywhere in the world: events like the Italian Forum Young can be customised for any country, after an analysis of the cultural context and the local market.

But it’s our job: you want to organize an event, we bring our expertise in the organization, our creativity in creating an innovative format and our flexibility to adapt to the needs of the moment. Because we’re persuaded that any country’s force lays in its youth, making the most of the grow-ups’ know-how and expertise. Events of this kind can be energy-boosting occasions we want to get. And you? What do you want to do for youth?