2nd June 2017, event for the Italian Consulate in Shanghai

We celebrated together with over 500 Italians in Shanghai.

In 2017 Pleiadi International Yixing Design won the competition for the design of the reference visual concept called by the Italian Consulate in Shanghai to organize the event for the Italian Republic Day, on the 2nd of June. Together with the Italian Consulate in Shanghai, we developed the tools for the best outcome of the event.

We proudly contributed to the best result of the evening through the Lighting Project: ideas and suggestions made concrete thanks to our proven experience. The Italian flag colours lighted the exclusive venue in a project involving storytelling and visual concept that was a huge success among the Chinese and Italian authorities and communities in Shanghai. On June 2, we celebrated, together with over 500 Italians in Shanghai, the Republic Day for the Italian Consulate. The night was a success!