A new website for Boero, art for walls

A common mistake for Western companies in China is to underestimate the power of the website since most online browsing is done via mobile and social media are deemed the primary source of information. This is not a reason to not take care of your official website. On the contrary, the importance of a clear, well-organized and visually appealing website plays a key role in brand awareness and works as proof of brand reliability.

This is even more important for products whose visual and creative aspects are critical, like those of the interior design and home coating industry. A highly successful and experienced brand like Boero Bartolomeo SpA, an Italian historic paint producer, knows it.

For this reason, the company entrusted Yixing Design ǀ Pleiadi International with the concept, realization and creation of its new Chinese website.

To satisfy Boero’s communicative needs, great attention was paid to the organization, opting for a clear and delicate display, giving space to the company’s long history, tradition and top-level expertise. The main focus, though, is put on the products, with great attention to the accurate colour rendering and pleasant visual effects to inspire matchings and suggest usage.

A website of such kind must therefore combine the technical information and pleasant visual effect that ensure realistic tones and patterns.

Thanks to its new website, Boero Bartolomeo SpA has a powerful, additional tool to showcase its high-quality products and provide customers with all the trustful information about the paints, by proving the quality of its coating products, well-established expertise, and transparent values.