Down-drafted hood video.

Arda is a well-established Chinese brand of kitchen appliances who relied on Yixing Design Pleiadi International to develop a 3D product video to promote its hi-tech kitchen essential, the Arda Down-draft hood.

We managed all aspects of the video production, from the creative storyboard development to the final video production. Wholly built in 3D, this new Arda video highlights all the key technical features of the down-draft hood, but it maintains an approach oriented to end-users thanks to dynamic graphic illustrations and explanatory and stylish voice-over narration. Thanks to the use of a 3D hand we succeeded in conveying a human touch within the 3D technology, to perfectly visualize the smart anti-clamp function of the down-draft hood.
It was our cure to produce a video consistent with Arda’s cooperate video and A3 oven video, whose atmosphere give the viewer a sense of elegance and warmth that once again match the company’s brand value of “Living Emotion”.