Bonfiglioli is an Italian world-renowned industrial Group that distributes gear motors, drive systems and planetary gearboxes to satisfy needs for industrial processes, automation, mobile and renewable energy. The Group relied on Yixing Pleiadi International’s expertise for its challenge: to launch its smart digital container of different sections, bringing together its solutions for the heavy industry, renewable energies and precision electronics.

The aim was to introduce the services and products to a non-technical audience. The first meeting happens in the Corporate section of the website, where information goes deeper than a window of introduction, presenting, instead, an expanding reality through multi-media contents like animated banners and forms. News, application histories and the other sections are designed to be easily, regularly updated by the internal team, even though without specific training.

Navigating among different business units allow the users to enter the autonomous universe, though easily accessible through any website’s section. Wind, Industrial, Mobile and Photovoltaic are the macro-areas covering the whole range of Bonfiglioli’s products. In these divisions lies the products’ database, designed to manage dynamic pdfs, technical tables and attachments.

An extensive goal that meets the need for useful tools for authorized dealers, productive units and commercial branches.The final result is a digital space able to host a big amount of data and to speak to insiders and non-insiders. The ease of expression is reflected by the operational simplification thanks to an intuitive CMS.