Bottega Verde

Italian beauty of nature arrives in China.

Bottega Verde is an Italian brand in the skincare sector among consumers’ first choices, both for face and body care. Its leadership is the result of the company’s aim to transform its love for nature into beauty, thanks to the most advanced dermo-cosmetic technology.

To expand its public in the Far East by opening new stores in China, Bottega Verde asked for Pleiadi International Yixing Design support.

First, we studied the best way to localize the brand in China and to launch its Eastern market.  In the first stage we analysed Bottega Verde’s goals and background; then, once defined the room for its expansion in the Chinese market, we led qualitative focus group and were finally able to develop the institutional concept. After that, we successfully managed to develop the advertising and all the materials needed for the launch, together with the client.

Nowadays the Chinese public deeply appreciates Bottega Verde’s products for their quality, innovation and foresight.