E.R. Services Group

E.R Services Group, a new-generation multi-disciplinary corporate consultancy group, asked Yixing Pleiadi International to plan and design its integrated digital and social project.

In the redefinition of E.R.’s corporate identity online, we started from the concept of clarity. We reorganized the contents as well as making a total graphic restyling and optimizing the usability according to a problem-solving approach; we also included effective calls to action to make the website interactive.

The protagonist platform is Linkedin, the best channel for the company’s target; in parallel, we created and launched Ads campaigns, both on social media and search engines.

The goal: to strengthen E.R.’s brand identity and to communicate its consultancy services in the different fields of expertise: legal, training, management systems, environment, workplace safety, privacy, security.

We successfully respond to the big challenge: to talk to a highly specific target, by using the language it is used to, at the same time adapting it to the tone of voice of the web and combining the different channels, tools and strategies to make the message coherent.