How does shopping looks like in 2021?

While looking at the evolution of the shopping experience, companies might feel disoriented.

After a whole year of reduced time outdoor and the consequent surge of online shopping, how is it going in 2021?

The Commerce’s Future Shopper Report 2021 by the agency Wunderman Thompson revealed that in the post-pandemic world, online shopping will account for over half of retail sales globally.

This is especially true for consumers in Asia. Therefore, many business realities there are reaping the rewards of investing in a strong online presence.

And speaking of online purchases, the new habits surged in 2020 and sticking into Chinese consumers purchase preferences is live-streaming shopping. It can boost the selling volumes and visibility of both well-established and new companies; plus, it requires a straightforward strategy, allowing to track the investments’ performance.

The revival of physical stores

Despite these new habits online, the physical has made a big comeback in recent months, due to a renewed wish to get out there and experience things first hand and no more through the screen. This convinced the famous Parisian luxury department store La Samaritaine’s CEO to open again after 16 years.

This is the sign of a multi-channel shopping renaissance: luxury, for instance, is doing well both online and offline; this way people living in cities without stores can buy products without having to travel far, while who lives near the stores can go shopping in person.

But how to decide for one selling strategy or the other? Which channel is the best for you?

Relying on experts of Chinese consuming habits, shopping experience and digital tools may be lifesaving in such a complex environment. With customized consultancy, we can find together the strategy you need to reach your goals, according to your brands’ features and your budget.