Technacy has been working in the tech solution field for voice and data traffic for 15 years. The company decided to rely on Pleiadi International Yixing Design to promote its brand, which today comes to publish a new website and to manage the social media accounts.

The audit was the first step we engaged in at the beginning of our journey with Technacy, that enabled us to identify the essential characteristics of the company: its values, its strengths and the elements which need to be highlighted. From there, thanks to the cooperation of the whole Technacy’s team, we started to define a new image, by developing a project of rebranding: the basis to build the new communication identity, to express, in each media and platform, every brand values built among the years.

We managed to clarify the company’s communication tone and to make it recognizable and, therefore, effective. Thus, we engaged in the storytelling, to tell Technacy by using new creativity and new media.

How? Through an institutional visual representing a paper aeroplane: a simple, yet not an easy concept. It succeeds in summing up the company’s mission: to simplify tech solutions according to the customers’ needs.

The new website, too, represents an essential piece of such a growth strategy, much important in a period in history when the increased smart working workforce pushes up the data traffic and, therefore, the work of those who – just like Technacy – provides telephony solutions.

The website communicated to its clients and prospects in the best way possible, by focusing both on the renewed brand identity and better fruition of the information regarding the activities, products and services provided by Technacy. The contemporary publication on the most widespread Western social media – Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin – contribute in enriching and deepening the message by the company.