Smart China

A brand new office, a serene and productive work environment rich in stimulus thanks to the presence of employees from different companies and fields. That’s coworking, the perfect occasion to exchange ideas and find new cooperations, also providing personal space and silence for individual work. It’s the smartest way to work today, so smart that many companies are encouraging their employees to work from a shared office at least once a week, for networking purposes.

But how can coworking resist the after-CoVid crisis? The coworking spaces must change after the health emergency: for example, the giant operator WeWork immediately asked its employees to avoid any non-essential travel and to stay in a two-weeks quarantine after visiting the epicentre regions, and also increased the offices’ cleaning services and hygiene measures. All the coworking operators put sanitation and hygiene measures at the top of their priorities, increasing the frequency of the cleaning sessions, especially for touchpoints, such as doorknobs and elevator buttons and often adopting thermometers to measure the temperature of everyone who enters to work there. And how to cope with the decreased trust? Some operators, to retain members after the lockdown, offer deals such as rental waivers in exchange for extending contracts.

A more flexible solution as that represented by the coworking spaces – which very often rely on larger spaces than traditional offices – can play a key role in the after-CoVid-19, offering the possibility to work together, in team, or individually, according to the need of the moment, just as at home or in a more traditional office, but with the advantage of the networking opportunity. The presence of different companies in the same working space, in fact, represent a big opportunity for anyone needing to enlarge his contact network and to find new work occasions.

Our new Office is 6/F, Tower 2, n.16, lane 399, Xinlong Road in the Minhang District, Shanghai.