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China is going electric

The new Nio car, endowed with a 70 kilowatt-per-hour battery pack, will be sold from early 2022, but the preorders are open. The Chinese start-up, already a premium brand in the SUV category, is now moving to the premium car segment. Other Chinese electric manufactures, such as Li Auto and Xpeng, experienced a 4,4% surge in sales last year, as well. And China, the world’s largest auto market, is trying to become a leader in the electric vehicle technology, supported by subsidies and charging infrastructure from the government.

China is now the benchmark for electric technology and the market where smart companies must be. Not only cars: renewable energies and related infrastructures are hot lately. The 6th International Conference on Energy Engineering and Smart Materials in February in Sanya will be one of the first events focused on green topics this year. The Int’l Solar Photovoltaic & Energy Storage Technology Exhibition (Chengdu) in March and the International Exhibition on Biomass Energy Utilization and Technology (Shanghai) in November will follow. Such exhibitions are the perfect occasions for innovative companies to display their products and their skills.

But how to emerge in a competitive environment? Being smart is the only way to survive in such a smart and fast-evolving country as China. This is why we’re constantly keeping updated about what’s hot on the market. And this is why we may be the interlocutor tech and green innovations companies are looking for to establish here. For them, China is the place to be and exhibitions are the first step to take to be present, to be seen and known. Contact us to receive a selected short-list of the most interesting events in the tech industry, then we’ll plan the best all-round strategy to communicate your participation, from social media to your websites to media coverage: what will your next move be?