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Alibaba expands its cloud services

The news comes just some months after the announced investment of around 100 billion yuan over the next three years to boost Alibaba’s cloud business, which is now one of the company’s main business outside the e-commerce core. Thanks to the new partnerships, by entering a large number of new markets – including Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Jakarta, London, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo – Alibaba Cloud will provide its cloud hosting services, storage, database and networking solutions to companies worldwide.

This service’s package is so important that Tencent launched its own business in the cloud market, as well. These are essential services for anyone trying to access the business opportunities represented by China. It’s quite a difficult step to take for Western enterprises, due to the need of the company’s registration to obtain an ICP number, just to name one.

But there’s no need to turn to such big corporations: many companies provide this kind of services and with partnering with smaller ones come different advantages: a more direct contact, exchange and mutual knowledge, to name few. Moreover, smaller realities can also be more focused on your company’s need and have experience in your own sector. Whatever are your requirements, the possibilities are multiple: thanks to our knowledge of the Chinese market, we provide bureaucratic support to our clients in the necessary step to register the company in China.