Smart in everyday life

Rebranding is the key for success for your smart technology business

Not only the success of such an innovative event but also the surge in smart home devices selling demonstrate the key role smart technologies play (and are recognized as playing) as the most effective driving force for the industry as well as for urban life and development. While other countries can’t keep up with such a fast-changing and growing sector, China’s goal is to promote the wider, deeper and higher-level integration of industries and information technology. As these are essential to the inclusive and sustainable future we need – let’s think about the electric, intelligent and energy-saving technologies – China is now the most reliable partner for advanced tech for both everyday life tools and big industrial projects.

And the country was able to successfully promote them among consumers, as in China more than in the rest of the world smart tools are a growing sector of the market. The peculiarity of this 2020 contributed, too: contactless smart gadgets, products with disinfection functions and other similar devices increased more than 600% compared with 2019. People are now fully aware of the role high-tech and smart tools play in the quality of life: China’s smart home market has been growing rapidly and still evolving, with smart ecosystems, combining in one platform the managing of all the devices.

It seems to have passed a geological era from when a tool labelled “Made in China” was deemed as being low quality, low price and short-lived product. In a few years, China has become the leader of the fourth industrial revolution, that of AI and the most advanced technology. How the country reshaped its image in the global industrial scenario, being now recognized as the homeland of AI and smart tech? Mainly through direct actions and long-period, ambitious yet well-structured plans: millions have been invested in cultivating talent in new materials, IT, healthcare, and high-end manufacturing; 11 major missions were established, involving a range of areas that are essential to China’s industrial upgrading, and refined these missions to a series of specific guidelines.

An entire country was able to give the world a radically changed image of itself: why shouldn’t your company? If the area of your business or the products you offer have been updated lately, you must think about a new image for your company, too. Changing the way you communicate through a rebranding strategy gives your company new freshness and competitiveness. This will positively affect your business, just as China was able to increase the traffic of its high-tech markets in the world, finally recognized as a high-quality and innovative manufacturer and supplier. And as experts of branding and rebranding strategies, we can lead you through this exciting journey. Are you ready to take off with us?