West seen from the east

Shanghai eats Italian

The Week of Italian Cuisine has now arrived at its 5th edition, after that last year’s success proved once more the appeal Italian culture and food still has in China and the vast potential for businesses in the F&B sector across the two countries. From seminars to tastings to gala dinners, a wide range of events will take place in November, from the 23rd to the 29th, in amazing locations across Shanghai. The happening is organized and coordinated by the Italian institutions in China and it’s part of a world-wide week of appointments focused on tradition, gastronomy and local wholesome products, with the aim of spread and, especially, deepen the knowledge of Italian country and to promote the tourism…at least virtually, for the moment, due to the limitation in travels. To allow people all over the world taste Italy before having the chance to come back to it in person.

Just as in China, food in Italy plays a primary role in culture at any level and in family and friends’ gatherings. Gastronomy can tell about a country more than many other aspects can: that’s why we always support the spreading of the knowledge of other countries’ culinary traditions. And we think Italian cuisine still deserve a deeper knowledge, as its mostly known all over the world through some stereotypes regarding pizza and little more. Italy is homeland to an entire universe of high-quality niche products and wines that deserve much more attention on Asian markets as well. For this reason, the Week of Italian Cuisine can be an interesting opportunity to get in touch with the potential of such a vary and amazing market.

As Yixing Design, having one foot in Italy and the other in Shanghai, we are split between the two countries. Two cultures, two lifestyles, two great food traditions and immense gastronomic landscapes. These are among the aspects that make us love our work and our “split” conditions: we found it enriching and empowering. This cultural richness allows us to successfully interface with partners and clients from different places and cultures. Thanks to our deep roots in Italy and our long experience in China – where we are present since 2007, in our Shanghai venue – with our local staff we speak – and eat, of course! – both Italian and Chinese.

We may be the right interlocutor you are looking for to expand your business: if you are interested in working with Italy or with Italian products, don’t look further. Are you ready to eat Italian with us?