Smart in everyday life

As nowadays sustainability is both a need and a moral duty, Tencent’s smart city – the product of a partnership with the architectural firm NBBJ – will have the respect for the environment as its core focus, starting from the design, which will comprise solar panels on the rooftops, sensors to track environmental performance and green areas.

The inter-connected “Net City” project – as it’s called – will span two million square meters and will be planned on a human scale, including living quarters, schools, retail spaces, other conveniences and, of course, a new Tencent building at its centre. Mobility will play a key role, with dedicated spaces for pedestrian, bikes and autonomous vehicles and an inter-connected public transit network.

Tencent’s project, by putting both humans and the environmentally-friendly philosophy first, will trace the path for future cities, where high-tech and interconnection will ensure the best quality of life possible while respecting the Earth. China is a leader in the smart city field, which must be expected to be a driving segment in the near future. For this reason, tech companies should invest now in research as well as in communication, to be ready to provide their futuristic services and facilities for when the future comes. We’re looking forward to knowing how it will look, and you?