Smart China

Despite the progressive return to normality, not everybody has come back to office yet: many companies are still encouraging their employees to work from home, as a safety measure. And, if it’s possible, social media are even more spread than before and technology is ubiquitous. For this reason, while European and the USA trades are temporarily still, while the Chinese market is ready to come back stronger than ever, it’s a good idea to invest in promoting your Brand on the Chinese social media. That’s why we supported the famous Italian high-quality ceramic tiles Brand Mirage in opening and managing its WeChat and Weibo Official Accounts. 

Don’t stop, don’t give up: this is the right moment to invest in being ready for when the market will return to normality like the Chinese one is doing now. That’s why we can support you in converting your idea into a smart solution, planning with you the best format for your aims. Whether you’re thinking about an innovative format event or training for your company to make the most of digital platforms, we provide our know-how and creativity to partner with you in the project, making sure you effectively meet your goals. Because the market didn’t stop, it’s just preparing to restart: be ready with us.