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Youth is the future: discover why it’s on our radar

Chinese government proves its pragmatism in spreading its values and national feelings among youth through cartoons. In China there are over 400 million people aged under 24, with increasing influence over the household purchases and growing spending power, thus being able to determine the future consuming trends. They represent an appealing target for companies of any field, that must keep updated on both their interests and communication trends. A good reason for companies to target customized marketing campaigns to Millennials and Gen Z.

The main means to be used to communicate with Gen Z is Douyin, downloaded 360 million times in Southeast Asia. Documenting funny episodes and creative ideas, and being a great source of inspiration, the platform is an absolute favourite of creatives. And it’s used by any company wishing to attract Gen Z, from Westerns like Michael Kors to the local phone brand OPPO. But to know the means for communicating with young people (and to use them well) is not enough: staying updated on their consuming habits, feelings and interests is essential, from FOMO (fear of missing out) to desire for cool, unique items.

And, as professionals in communication, we always keep updated on means as well as trends and youth is on our radar. Part of our work is aimed at them: we create projects for youth, like Forum Young System, a platform of all year round dates focused on innovation, business and much more. Even in challenging times, there are opportunities to catch both for students and young professionals –wishing to find their path, upgrade their career or internationalize their education – and for companies, that benefit from the energy, flexibility and new ideas coming from the youth.

We draw connections between them, building new projects, promoting tenders and finding new ways to cooperate and create opportunities, thanks to our business network and partnership with institutions, both in Italy and in China. The benefit is mutual, we guarantee!