Here Shanghai

Shanghai never stops and, when it’s forced to, it prepares to return in grand style, with people going out, pubs hosting parties and art exhibition opening. Among the multiple possibilities the city is ready to offer anyone wishing to make the most of their time spent here, a new concert hall is ready to open its doors to visitors and music lovers. The beautiful brand new Shanghai Long Beach Concert Hall is ready to host musicians from all over the world.

But the time spent at home can be an opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the metropolis, as well. While waiting for Shanghai’s thrilling life to come back to normality, the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Administration offered the opportunity to virtually visit the historical and architectural heritage of the city and its most interesting and most magnificent buildings. And for those who wish to explore the city further, there’s Virtual Shanghai, a research and resource platform that provides a set of essays, original documents, photographs, maps and data about the history of Shanghai from the mid-nineteenth century to nowadays. An intriguing idea for all those who love Shanghai as we do.