Here Shanghai

Christmas in Shanghai: this year mild temperatures and ginkgoes at their peak, and the European Union Film Festival which made a stop in town. A Western mood bringing the traditional Christmas markets in the metropolis with 8-lanes avenues. How did the social change happening in China customize Christmas time? Santa Claus, shopping and participating in the holiday atmosphere in the most important time of the year for the West: how does all this appear nowadays in the 2020 China?

China is getting its own identity back: to choose Chinese brands in fashion and design, sectors which have been marginalized by big European brands for long, is now trendy. There are still options for contamination, like for Christmas. This occasion, once unknown – if you’d ask Chinese people what does Christmas is for you’ll receive the most curious answers – is now useful in pushing to shopping, even if with a “northern European twist”!

Chinese people will work on the 25th of December, preparing the Spring Festival on 25th January and this makes us wonder: how and how much can we offer marketing strategies and communications combining this cultural evolution and satisfying increasingly Chinese-like requests?