Smart China

The epidemic is now being contained thanks to the work of the medical staff from all over the country and the cooperation of everyone. But technology was a big help this time, as well, not only by providing tools which allowed to detect the infection while avoiding any man-to-man contact, but also reducing the waste. 

Drones are among the most widely used novelties and they’ve been used a lot by medical authorities in the last months, both to detect fever and to deliver goods and medicines, thanks to the lack of direct contact they allow.

Masks are one example of the different tools researchers has been focused on for a while, as well. Far more widespread here than in Europe, both for self-protection from air pollution and as a support in avoiding flu contagion, masks are present in everyday life for many Chinese people and now are more important than ever. Unluckily, they require some caution when both put on and removed and cannot use more than a few hours. Until now.

Now, a tech innovation avoids materials to be wasted: a new KN95 model – developed by both Shanghai Juchen Infant and Children Garment Company and by Shanghai Hanpu New Material Hi-tech Company – can be disinfected and reused up to 10 times thanks to nanotechnology. It’s just one simple example of how technology can ease the difficulties faced every day during the epidemics, but whose innovation will still be useful when CoVid-19 will only be a bad memory.