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Shoppertainment  is a must now: your website should reflect the trend

China’s e-commerce market is worth USD 1.1 trillion and it’s rapidly evolving: last year saw a surge in innovative online shopping experiences with real-time livestreams and shoppable online fashion shows, pioneered in Asia and now expanding, as over 70% of consumers in Singapore are more likely to buy from a brand that focuses on immersive technology. Chinese consumers too expect online shopping experiences better than in-store: the trend is shoppertainment, to be enjoyed directly at home.

During last 11.11, for example, US luxury fashion brand Coach launched a 3D shopping session, where Chinese shoppers could virtually browse the flagship boutique in New York and also complete tasks to expand their virtual wardrobes and unlock points and privileges, in a format that mixed up shopping and gaming. But such mixof shopping and gaming can appear in different forms: in the same occasion, for example, Taobao offered customers in-app mini-games where to care for virtual cats, winning discount coupons when inviting other players to join.

But social media play a big part, too: the in-video search function in Douyin, for example, allows users to zoom in on and purchase items in videos. At the same time, physical stores are involving high tech to provide tailor-made shopping experiences. Shortly it will be possible for buyers to benefit from an iris scanner at the entrance that will call the client’s favourite sales associate and download information about previous transactions and favourite colours, and tell the associate which products they should be showing the customer based on such information.

Providing buyers with immersive shopping experiences allows the company to connect with its clients and the buyers to have fun, like a gaming session. This can apply to your online promotion both on social media and on websites, too, that must have a clear and well-organized structure but also guarantee engaging customer experiences. This is why when designing a website for our clients we combine functionality and aesthetics, setting it on our deep knowledge of local digital behaviours, habits and trends. Because the recipe to attract buyers is to mix fun and utility, the guarantee of a win-win project.