Smart in everyday life

The cities in 2021? They’ll be smarter

The rapid urbanization forced Chinese cities to face huge challenges that smart solutions can help solve without sacrificing the wellbeing, from traffic management to environmental protection, to economic growth. And China is a master in creating the future, as the government began experimenting with the first Smart City project in 90 cities back in 2012. In 2020 the e-government services played an even more central role in containing and reducing the pandemic contagion in Shenzhen, activating a rapid self-declaration system, thus allowing a health quick response to the emergency.

The lessons learnt in this rough 2020 will turn into trends in 2021: in the first position, there is the strongly emerging internet-based healthcare, a new branch of the hospital healthcare. Another news in tech are robotic deliveries: progress in robotics, GPS and automation are making easier and practical for companies to substitute human delivery guys with robots. The sector is experiencing a surge in China, as the top technology-providing companies enabling industry automation with A.I. and robotics include the Chinese UBTech Robotics and Roobo. This one applies A.I. to education, combining tech with teaching and research innovation to improve educational resources and quality of teaching, ensuring learning results. The start-ups turned unicorns OfoMobike and Hellobike, instead, are operating in the future in transportation: already successful in China and beyond with their bike-sharing platforms, we expect them to enhance other micromobility services in the new year.

These are examples of already well-established realities, but innovators’ ideas may not always be understood by investors. They need an effective communication strategy to lay the foundations for further cooperation between companies with local governments. Being experts of the digital world, we know how to highlight its strengths and to make it easily understandable by policymakers. Because smart cities and smart companies need a smart communication strategy: explore with us the possibilities of a complete marketing plan for your tech company that will shape your future cooperation to launch your idea!