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Western brands can still succeed…if they know how to do

Health and wellbeing are hot topics all over the world – driven by the pandemic, the climate crisis and general awareness of the balance of body and mind – and China is not an exception.

This general feeling doesn’t only engage the market of health products like medicines and supplements, but permeates all purchases, from food to sports to cosmetics. Health and wellbeing-related trends must, therefore, be studied by marketing specialists from all industries and taken into consideration when planning the communication strategy to succeed in China.

For example, it must be taken into consideration that, when it’s a matter of wellbeing, being Chinese is not a guarantee of leadership in the market for a brand, if the focus is too narrow on a single topic, weight loss for instance.

It’s much more effective to address a lifestyle-oriented, more holistic perspective: brands of supplements, for example, would benefit from using the Chinese surging rejection of the competing pressure of the work culture. Western brands are warned!