Drones: technology as an opportunity in challenging times

After the explosion of e-commerce during the first stages of the pandemic, thus increasing, even more, the live-streaming trend on Chinese social media, the zero-Covid policy presented new challenges later.

Aerial delivery drones, instead, seem to offer an exit strategy for the need for supply; this way, moreover, consumer goods can still keep companies alive and allow people to receive the things they need. Even though flying drones didn’t take much hold for now, they clearly demonstrate how much technology can offer a valid solution in challenging times.

Further research and investments in the field can prove a winning business in upcoming months and years, from the daily delivery of fresh food and medical goods to security surveillance of big plants and factories, to who knows what else.

Technology is a tool that can hold wonderful surprises and we bet that the accelerated research in the field made during the pandemic will result in positive outcomes for all. What will be the technology of the future?