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Shein breaks the bank in Milan

The photos of the kilometers-long rows in front of Shein pop-up store in Milan, in very a central location. A multiple-hour queue for a unique occasion of shopping: this is the effect of a huge fortune, built on a great communication strategy.

Here are some ingredients:

  • Low prices

Definitely, the super-low prices are one essential ingredient for the success, especially among young consumers. It’s not enough, though, as proved by the suffering of many other low-price chains.

  • Fast delivery and returns

An attention to the shopping experience and steps of the purchase and return: an effective way to loyalize the customers.

  • Cooperation with KOLs

Save up on physical stores and invest in payed collaborations with KOLs and online influencers, instead. Make sure to chose those among the favourites of young users, to ensure the brand awareness on social media

  • inclusivity

Shein was the first fast-fashion brand to include a wide range of sizing and fit and showing different bodies and skin colours among their models, therefore being awarded with the fidelization of GenZ consumers.

  • The pop up store

After building the brand awareness, that ensures a wide public for your products, one occasion event – unique both for its will make buyers go insane. That’s exactly what Shein gained in Milan!