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Is your brand inclusive?

In 2022, brands need to focus on their commitment to corporate social responsibility by listening and acting on the social issues that matter most to their audiences. Recent trend analyses prove that they prefer brands that foster connections with their audience and bring together people with differing opinions.

In order for this commitment to be consistent and true, not only mere, superficial words,  the values must be shared inside the company, starting from the management and the employees.

One example? Mindchangers-Regions and Youth for Planet and People, a European awareness-raising project on the topics of migration and climate change. After creating Mindchangers’ visual identity, our Italian headquarter Pleiadi International developed the website and social media for the project and is now engaging in the launch of the official campaign. The whole communication is based on inclusivity and social justice and the brand identity must reflect the values of the project’s contents.

Such values of inclusivity are highly sensitive topics in China as well, especially among the powerful local Gen Z consumers. An effective example is offered by the Chinese underwear brand Neiwai, well known for its stress put on inclusivity and anti-discrimination.

The company recently launched a marketing campaign titled No body is nobody which successfully matches young buyers’ high expectations, raising the bar for future campaigns.

Coherence is the key in such cases, as the market demands transparency. For this reason, a growing number of companies are now transitioning to Benefit Corporations. 

This transition and the related social responsibility are topics of discussion on our interactive platform Young Campus: stay tuned to learn more!