Our expertise

We know wine and how to sell it

As online purchasing hasn’t stopped surging, for example, and as it’s essential to inform the consumers about the wine they’re about to buy, we supported the start-up Dolcevite in launching its e-commerce portal for wine. Divite is the result of this amazing project, designed to accompany users across a visual and taste discovery of Italian wines and help them choose the right one. Captivating look&feel combines with detailed information about production, vine and pairings, resulting in a pleasant and easy to use platform that expresses beautifully the new brand identity.

But don’t think that such ideas can only apply to wine: any F&B sellers should consider similar ways to present their products and inform the consumers. The best ways to connect Italian products and the Chinese market will be one of the topics of our special event Forum Young System, Chinese edition. Stay tuned to discover who will our guests in the F&B industry be.